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Distribution and management of your rental advertisements

The various sites specializing in seasonal rentals allow owners to manage themselves, relatively simply, the posting of their rental offers. Most of these sites also offer efficient and easy-to-use management tools. Nevertheless, distributing and managing a rental offer is an activity that requires many skills and time, otherwise you could miss many opportunities to obtain reservations.

Each partner owner who publishes a rental offer on our site benefits from our assistance in creating advertisements to optimize your chances of obtaining reservations at the prices you want. It's about MARKETING and our experience of renting accommodations online just might be one of our most valuable assets!

Channel Manager - manager of platforms

Thanks to a specific channel management tool, our booking platform  is itself connected to our entire partner network (AirbnbHolidaylettingsHomeaway ...). This allows us to manage your properties from our single platform and synchronize your availability, reservations and rates in just a few clicks. This saves us valuable time, which we use to improve the visibility of your ads and, above all, to convert holidaymakers' requests into reservations.

Multiply your chances of getting bookings by posting your offers on more than a hundred regional and international platforms.

Our Concierge services

Our agency also offers an essential concierge service that you can provide to your guests as part of our formulas or à la carte. We can thus manage for you:

  • arrivals and departures with delivery of the keys, visit of the accommodation, presentation of the equipment, inventory, ...

  • Refurbishment : a team of professionals will intervene to clean your accommodation to allow the next guests to stay in a clean accommodation again

  • linen rental : you can choose to provide your own linen or rent it from Booking Guys. In this second case, you will never have to worry about renewing your linen or providing sufficient quantities to ensure rotations

  • laundry : available for your own household linen or as a formula with the rental of our linen kits

  • transfers : we can offer your guests transfers to reach their holiday accommodation. When we manage the entire customer relationship, we systematically offer this service.

Seasonal rental in relaxation mode!

Those of you who have tried a first adventure of seasonal rental know how much it requires personal investment. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to be able to organize your activity effectively, especially when it comes in addition to a professional activity.


Imagine having to create and animate your advertisements on several specialized sites, each having its own environment and a mode of operation different from its competitor, answering tens or even hundreds of emails a day in your language but also, and very often, in another and this as quickly as possible so as not to miss an opportunity to convert a request for information into a reservation, to welcome your guests according to their possibilities of arrival, to manage the restoration of your accommodation as quickly as possible so it can be re-let, ensure your guests are happy by assisting them 24/7 as needed during their stay...multiply that by the number of accommodations you want to rent out and you have a picture a little more precise of the time and energy that you will have to devote to your new activity!

Rest assured, you are no longer alone... our agency has specialized and structured itself to manage efficiently and all year round, all the missions that you wish to entrust to it. Indeed, we can establish a tailor-made collaboration or simply manage everything for you.

What we can do for you, among others ...
Preparation for rental

Each of the properties offered for seasonal rental by Booking Guys is the subject of a visit. It is during this appointment that you will have the opportunity to present your accommodation and your project to us. Depending on the latter, our team may be required to submit recommendations to you to optimize your accommodation. In most projects, we can reuse the furniture already present and it will only take a little refitting to make your accommodation the perfect place for the stay of your future guests. This service is included in all our formulas.

Pricing and sales optimization

Let's get to the heart of the matter now:  your goals! whatever they have in common, you offer your accommodation for seasonal rental to generate rental income. We will therefore advise you on how to establish a suitable price list to obtain as many reservations as possible. To determine relevant and specific prices for your accommodation, we will compare it to market offers. It is the comparable accommodation in the same geographical area that will be decisive in establishing the right rates. This service is included in all our formulas.

Submit your accommodation

PRO photo shoot

Probably one of the essential points to obtain many reservations, quality photos! this may seem obvious, but many owners neglect this point and therefore fail to distinguish their accommodation from the large number of others present on the various seasonal rental sites. We will therefore carry out a professional photo shoot for you included in the formulas (excluding simple listing).

Writing & translation

To stand out from the ads of other owners, it is essential to describe your accommodation in des termes simples but with enough detail to anticipate any questions from travellers. There is no need, however, to enrich your seasonal rental advertisements with great literature, the watchword will rather be efficiency. We can of course take care of this mission by creating your new ad or by optimizing the one you have written.

Of course, we will take care of its translation into the languages available on our online booking platform.

Calendar and availability

Seasonal rental is a regulated activity in France, whether you offer your main residence for rent or a secondary accommodation. Our team will be able to inform you about the regulatory provisions in force. Depending on the location and type of your accommodation, certain periods will be more or less favorable to seasonal rental and this will involve establishing specific rates. We will advise you so that you obtain the most possible reservations according to the dates you wish to open for rental.

Payments & guarantees

One of the key points in managing your vacation rentals is payments and guarantees. Indeed, in general, a rental involves several types of payment: installments, the balance and the security deposit. Booking Guys is authorized to collect these payments on your behalf and you will not have any flow to manage. All your rentals will be paid in full on average 48 hours after the arrival of your guests by bank transfer. We will also manage the taking of deposit by credit card.

Our formulas on commission

Taxation & taxes

Seasonal rental

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