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Winter Culinary Specialties in Nice

Nice, this magnificent Mediterranean city on the French Riviera, is not just a summer destination. In winter, it is just as charming with its comforting cuisine and culinary specialties typical of the season. So, put on your sweaters and scarves, because we're off to explore the winter delights of Nice. Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with dishes rich in flavor and tradition.
Pistou Soup: A Bowl of Heat
For the people of Nice, winter often begins with a steaming bowl of pistou soup. This soup, composed of vegetables, white beans, pasta, and a pesto sauce made from basil, garlic, and olive oil, is an explosion of flavors. Served hot, it warms hearts and stomachs in cold weather. Pistou soup is the perfect example of Nice cuisine: simple, delicious and comforting.

Socca: The Crispy Galette

Although it is a specialty of Nice all year round, socca is particularly popular in winter. This pancake made from chickpea flour is cooked in a wooden oven until it obtains a crispy texture on the outside and soft on the inside. Socca is often sprinkled with black pepper, which gives it a unique flavor. It is perfect for snacking while strolling through the streets of Old Nice or to accompany a glass of mulled wine.

Daube Niçoise: A Comforting Dish

Niçoise stew is a hearty dish that warms stomachs during the winter months. It is a stew made from beef or pork, slowly simmered with red wine, vegetables and aromatic herbs. The meat becomes tender and absorbs the delicate flavors of the broth. Served with pasta or potatoes, this specialty is a pure delight.

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