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We use cookies to improve our users' experience. Cookies are small files which are stored on your computer and which serve to identify your users. By closing this message, you agree to the use of cookies, unless you choose to disable them.




We use cookies to improve our users' experience. Cookies are small files which are stored on your computer and which serve to identify our users. By closing this message, you agree to the use of cookies, unless you choose to disable them.


Respect for and protection of the personal data of users of the designated Site  are a priority for our teams.

We have therefore designed this charter which applies to the Site  and its partners who mention a link to this page. is published and belongs to the company BOOKING GUYS SAS registered in France under the SIREN 610 RCS0 820 NICE. All information on the company BOOKING GUYS SAS  can be consulted at the Nice Commercial Court or on official sites authorized to communicate legal information on French companies.

The terms "user(s)" or "you" as used in this Privacy Policy refer to both vacationers who use the Site to search for a property to rent and landlords or property rental agencies who register on the Site and offer properties for rent for which they have the necessary authorizations. By extension, these terms are applicable to any visitor to the Site in general.

For the purposes of the services we offer on the Site, information and personal data are collected and are described in this Charter. The links leading to third-party sites on the Site do not fall within the applicable scope of these terms, these sites having their own terms which will be applicable to you as soon as you visit them. We are not responsible for the content or privacy practices of these sites. We therefore advise you to carefully read any privacy policies published on these sites before accepting their terms of use or using them.

By providing us with information when you register, write to us or use the Site in any other way, you expressly accept this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy may change and be updated. We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time to reflect regulatory requirements, technological advances, updates to the Site and changes to our information collection and disclosure practices. Any new charter will automatically enter into force when it is published on the site. We therefore invite you to regularly consult this page in order to read our most recent Privacy Policy and to print a copy for your records. A notification will be sent to you by one of the means of contact available to us.

How is your data used?

Your personal data (also referred to as personal information), i.e. data that identifies you or allows you to be identified, will be collected, processed, stored and used by us.

This data is essential for putting your property rental advertisements online but also to allow  BOOKING GUYS SAS  to have sufficient information allowing us to attest to your identity to our customers.

We may ask you for other types of information which remain optional and for statistical purposes for our own services. These statistics may be used if necessary for commercial purposes in strict respect of your anonymity.

The Site is the subject of a declaration now made optional by la CNIL  under the number  2023697 v0  to demonstrate our commitment to respect and protection of personal data.

We collect and use your personal data for the following main purposes without this list being exhaustive, our needs may change at any time in case of improvement of our services:

  • for the Services or to process your requests;

  • to notify you from time to time about updates regarding users or services;

  • to send other messages that help us provide our services on the Site;

  • to help people with whom you have transacted. For example, if you are a property owner and a holidaymaker who has booked your property needs your contact details, we may share it with them, or if you are a holidaymaker and a holidaymaker whose property you have booked needs to contact you , we can send him a way to contact you, generally the email address provided when you register on the Site;

  • to personalize, measure, analyze and improve our services, content and advertising;

  • to promote the services linked to the Site or its partners;

  • to check the accuracy of information and verify it with third parties;

  • to prevent any activity that we believe may be illegal, prohibited or harmful or to investigate or bring legal action regarding such activity;

  • to apply our Charter and/or our General Conditions or for any other purpose mentioned in this Charter or in these Conditions.

What information do we collect?

You may provide us with personal data at different times. For example, to process a search or inquiry you submit, we may need to know some or all of the following information: your full name, address, phone number, email address, where you are at the time, and in the case of a member listing, a means of payment. You may also provide us with personal data on other occasions, such as when you register on the Site or send an advertisement relating to a property or communicate with another user of the Site.

When you use our website we may collect and process information about your vacation rental, including GPS signals sent by a mobile device. We may also use different technologies to geo-locate your location, such as a sensor or data relating to an IP address from your device.

We also log IP addresses, mobile device identification data, your location, browsing and query sequence data, Site access time, properties you viewed, the searches you submitted, the duration of your visit and other information relating to your internet activity. If you ask us to link to another site (for example, if you ask us to link to your account on Facebook), we may also obtain information through that process.

In which cases are we required to communicate some of your data?

We may disclose your personal data in order to enforce our policies, fulfill our legal obligations, or in the interest of national security, public interest, or law enforcement. For example, we might respond to a request from law enforcement or a regulatory or governmental authority. We may also disclose data in connection with an actual or potential legal action or to protect our property, our employees and our other rights or interests.

We may also share your personal data with:

  • one of our partners if you have requested their services or the communication of information from them;

  • another member if you have entered into a transaction or are in talks with them;

  • a third party providing services on our behalf;

  • any other company with which we partner to publish all or any part of our members' property listings or to otherwise provide promotional or other services relating to our business or the business of BOOKING GUYS SAS, including, where appropriate, the publication of your photos on other sites; Or

  • any third party with whom you have asked us to share your personal data, for example Facebook if you have asked us to link your account on Facebook.

It is possible that you have reached our Site through a link inserted on the site of one of our business partners. In this case, you consent to your personal information and purchase information, including your behavior patterns, being shared with that business partner in accordance with our contractual relationship with them.

Communication of data for information purposes

Vacationers can send member inquiries through the Site. If you choose to send a request for information through links on the Site, your personal information, including your e-mail address and any other information you provide, may be visible to the member concerned in order to allow us to respond to you directly. Your contact details may also be sent to us and we may access these message exchanges even if you contact the member directly. In addition, these messages may be hosted, processed or transited by our servers. If you call a member, you may be asked to leave a phone number to be called back. Do not share in the content of your e-mail or during your telephone conversations information that you do not want the member concerned or the company including, without limitation, your payment card or bank account information. Requests for information made through the system of BOOKING GUYS SAS are available for consultation by the member to whom it was initially addressed and by the collaborators of our customer service. customers, who may share with members or anyone else information about past inquiries or past stays, including your contact details. We can also occasionally view the messages that are sent through our platform. We may also from time to time use third-party email servers to send and track the receipt of inquiry messages and analyze the pattern of inquiry usage provided by such third-party tracking systems. In accordance with our declaration of collection of personal data made to the CNIL, your data will be automatically erased after one year following the date of the last update thereof. Please print a copy of any message that is important to you – for example a payment receipt or booking confirmation.

How do we guarantee the protection of your data?

Our site is developed with the RENTIVO platform which provides the sites it hosts with secure servers located in different sites in the USA and Europe. One of the main commitments between BOOKING GUYS SAS and the company RENTIVO concerns the security of our users' data and constitutes an imperative element of our contractual relationship.

However, it remains your responsibility:

  • to protect against unauthorized access to your use of the Site;

  • to ensure that no other person uses the Site while your device is connected to the Site (including by logging into your device via a mobile connection, a wifi network or an access share you are using);

  • to disconnect from the Site when you are not using it;

  • where applicable, to keep your password or other access information secret. Your password and your connection information are confidential and must not be communicated to anyone or used to achieve shared access, for example through a network. You should use a password that is unique for use on our site – do not use the same password you already use for another site; And

  • to maintain good security on the Internet. For example, if the integrity of your e-mail or Facebook account is compromised, it may be possible to access your account on the Site if you have provided us with such information and/or if you have authorized access through this account. If the integrity of your e-mail account is compromised, it can be used to ask us to reset a password and thus obtain access to your account on the Site. You must keep all of your account information secure. If you believe that the integrity of one of your accounts has been compromised, you must modify the authentication data for your account on the Site, and in particular, ensure that one of these accounts does not allow access to your account on the Site. You should also notify us as soon as possible so that we can do our best to help keep your account secure, and if necessary, notify anyone else who may be affected.

If you have asked us to share data with third party sites (e.g. Facebook), their servers may not be secure. Payment card information is generally retained by our payment card processing partners and we require them to store this data securely.

Fraud attempts, phishing and fake emails

If you receive an unsolicited e-mail which appears to come from BOOKING GUYS SAS or one of our partners and which asks you for personal information (for example data relating to your payment card, your user name or your password) or that invites you to verify or confirm your account or other personal information by clicking on a link, it is likely that this e-mail was sent by someone trying to fraudulently obtain your data, who is sometimes called "phisher" or "spoofer". We do not request this type of information by e-mail. Do not provide this information and do not click on the proposed link.

If in doubt about the origin of an email, we offer the possibility of sending us a copy to  In order to fight against fraud suffered by users and companies publishing portals on the Internet, we will take all appropriate measures to fight effectively against these processes.

Right to modify, add or delete data

You can consult all the personal information that we process about you directly by accessing your personal space, these being essentially filled in by you.

You do not wish to receive our commercial messages?

We also fight against the nuisance that can result from the abuse of commercial communications. As such, we will limit the use of sending emails in favor of communications published directly on  or its partners.

You will nevertheless be offered registration on our commercial email distribution lists from your personal space to allow you to benefit from all our communications. You will then have a right of modification that you can exercise directly on our Site in your personal space or by going to the link indicated at the bottom of the page. You can also send us your request by email at the following address

Update date: 12/12/2017

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