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Responsible owner charter

Welcoming holidaymakers in one's accommodation, whether it is your main residence or a secondary accommodation, implies respecting certain rules and complying with legislation, particularly in terms of safety.

Our mutual interest being to guarantee a healthy and secure environment for all travelers, we invite you to sign this charter which will formalize your commitment and thus attest to your quality as a responsible owner.

By signing this charter, I undertake to ensure compliance with the instructions listed below:


Smoke / carbon monoxide detector

A smoke detector, bearing the CE mark and complying with the NF EN 14604 standard, should preferably be installed in the circulation or hallway serving the bedrooms. Without this being an obligation, it is recommended to have one detector per level in your home.

Operational electrical installation

The connections and other electrical installations must comply with the standards in force and ensure the proper functioning of the equipment present in the rental. A regular check of the installations is recommended.


Decent housing

In order to avoid unpleasant surprises when holidaymakers arrive, make sure you carry out your maintenance and repair operations before the start of their stay. Holidaymakers must be able to occupy functional accommodation and be able to take advantage of the facilities made available to them. However, it is possible to plan an intervention during the holidaymakers' stay if it could not be carried out earlier and if the nuisance it could cause does not excessively disturb the tranquility and comfort of the latter. As far as possible, the day and times will have been communicated to holidaymakers in advance.



Accommodation offered for seasonal rental in the winter period must be able to allow occupancy by holidaymakers in decent conditions, in particular heating. Your accommodation must therefore be equipped with functional heating means that allow you to obtain a comfortable temperature.


Swimming pool safety

Vacationers often prefer accommodation with a swimming pool, especially when traveling as a family with children. If the risk associated with this installation can make you hesitate to rent your accommodation, be aware that compliance with standards and protective devices are essential so that your liability is not the only deduction in the event of an accident.

A semi buried or buried pool must have one of the 4 mandatory safety elements. In the absence of the presence of an audible alarm, a safety cover, a veranda-type shelter that completely covers the pool or a protective barrier, your criminal and civil liability may be incurred in the event of an accident. . Find the texts in force here.



Your accommodation must be insured during periods occupied by vacationers. Contact your insurance company to obtain specific guarantees to cover resort risk.



An internet connection has become one of the priority selection criteria for holidaymakers in recent years, and more particularly for foreign holidaymakers. A stable and unrestricted connection must be available in your accommodation for the duration of the holidaymakers' stay. You will have taken care beforehand to protect your network against possible hacking and the risks of downloading in P2P.



Welcoming holidaymakers in your accommodation implies that they respect good neighborhood rules as much as you do. Our team will see to it. It is nevertheless recommended to maintain, as much as possible, good relations with neighbors and to warn them of any periods during which you will be hosting holidaymakers. Do not hesitate to inform your neighbors that they can contact our team for any neighborhood disturbance they may have to suffer and we will ensure that the dispute is resolved as soon as possible. However, ask for understanding and their indulgence so that holidaymakers do not have to suffer abusive behavior on their part.



Many homes are equipped with surveillance means such as connected alarms or surveillance cameras. To respect the confidentiality and privacy of vacationers, the use of camera control is strictly prohibited during the stay of vacationers.


Ecological commitment

The seasonal rental of your accommodation may have consequences on the amount of your energy costs (gas, electricity, etc.) and water. It is generally noted an increase between 15 and 25% of the usual amount of your invoices which is justified by a higher occupation than usual but also by a noticeably different use of your installations. Plan for this possible additional cost in your price list to avoid any unpleasant surprises. However, you can greatly reduce these risks of overconsumption by equipping your home with low-consumption light bulbs, installing class A or B heating or air conditioning systems, replacing equipment that is too old and energy-consuming, installing motion detectors for exterior lighting such as car park entrances, etc.

Prior authorization and tourist tax

Prior declaration in town hall and tourist tax

Your accommodation offered for seasonal rental, whether it is your main residence or a secondary accommodation, must be the subject of a prior declaration at the town hall and if this is required by your municipality, you must pay a tourist tax generally between €0.50 and €1.20 per adult and per night having occupied your accommodation. These amounts are generally higher when your accommodation is said to be "classified". To obtain the classification of your accommodation, on the same principle as the hotel industry, a certifying body will visit it and assign it a score. Depending on the services offered but also on the type of accommodation, your ranking will be more or less high. If the impact of the ranking of tourist accommodation is not as significant as in the hotel industry, it is a safe bet that in the years to come, travelers will become sensitive to these evaluations at least as much as to the comments of the previous ones. travellers.


Compliance with the regulations is essential for the smooth running of rentals and you will avoid possible financial penalties, heavy fines being provided for offenders. You will find all the information applicable to your situation here.

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